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With an impending Modoki EL Nino, what does that mean for the Southeast?  I will go over what to expect and when the best chances for winter weather is expected in my full outlook.  I will say that I do NOT support the ideas that the Old Farmers Almanac has published and do not anticipate anything like they are showing.  I am not even sure how they come to their conclusions but I am not in agreement.



Our analog years are shown below and feature years where a La Nina was preceded by an EL Nino that was centrally based or referred to as a Modoki EL Nino.  All of these years were characterized by colder than normal conditions and above normal precipitation.  I am expecting a Modoki EL Nino, which will make for a very interesting winter that may get started early.  The graphic above courtesy of accuweather.com, shows a typical EL Nino, but a Modoki brings the Northern Branch of the jet stream even further south.  Will be an interesting setup for sure.


  • 2009-2010
  • 2003-2004
  • 1986-1987
  • 1977-1978
  • 1969-1970
  • 1968-1969
  • 1965-1966
  • 1963-1964
  • 1957-1958

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