Posted by on December 1, 2016

Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tornadoes yesterday and all the damage. We sent out an email and text message to our website members warning of this around 3:30pm yesterday (Member Map Below). This was about 3-4 hours lead time before the event occurred. If you like to get advance warning via email and text, consider joining our website by Clicking Here and you will be taken to our services page. 


This is perhaps the coldest outlook in the 8-14 day period that the Climate Prediction Center has put out in many years. Typically, this will trend colder as we get closer to this time period. With the Polar Vortex disruption and the record-setting Eurasian snowfall this past October, we could be in for some of the coldest air in years for many in the Southeast. I am expecting at least a few disrupting winter storms to hit areas from Central Mississippi Southern South Carolina. We provide more in-depth details and maps for our website members, so consider joining today by Clicking Here and see how we are preparing you for the weather.


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