Posted by on February 16, 2017

We have been blow-torched by warmth most of the winter season. This winter has been a no-show for the most part and the main reason is the +PDO in the Pacific has turned more -PDO. This is why California is getting deluged and we are still not really getting much but hang on it is going to change very soon. The period from February 25-28 has my interest peaked. If we can get the Polar and Subtropical Jets to phase in GA. Look Out! This is NOT my forecast but it is very interesting to see this configuration now on some weather models as has been discussed for a few weeks on my member posts. Maybe we can salvage one more winter storm before we are finished with winter. Another thing to keep in mind in that the spring severe season will be very bad in the Southeast States and COULD rival the 2011 season, but we will have to watch this and again NOT my forecast yet. 

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