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I absolutely hate delivering bad news, but Florence at last count had taken 17 lives.  Two of the victims was a mom and her baby, when a tree fell on their house.  The one bright part about that story is the dozen or so NC firefighters that kneeled to pray for that family that will be dealing with that loss.  However, it restores a little faith in humanity to see others put aside their differences and come together to help one another in times of need.  From our family at Southeast Weather, we want everyone that was affected by Florence to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Today, the tornado and severe threat is not completely over and areas along and east of Highway 1 in NC and they will be most at risk.  Florence is already heading north and is in Western Virginia currently, but the rain bands and tornado risk will stay for another day in these areas.  Any rainfall that occurs in these areas will increase the flooding threat again.  However, with many rivers not expected to crest until on Tuesday, please do not let your guard down yet.  Some areas that are not flooded now may be flooded tomorrow with the rising of the rivers after the rainfall.  That additional rainfall will just make it worse when the rivers do crest.  Please be safe and do not drive across flooded roadways.  Heed all warnings to evacuate if ordered to do so.

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