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The maps above is one that was put out earlier this week for members of my website, but I am putting it out today to prepare everyone for what Florence will bring.  Please get prepared NOW, but for some areas if you are not prepared then it may be too late.

I am getting very concerned about Florence due to the multiple solutions that exist beyond landfall. I am very confident that we see landfall between Myrtle Beach, SC and Topsail Beach, NC. The parts that are baffling the weather models is will Florence stall just off the coast and will she move west then southwest after landfall? I am not going to say that I know what will happen 100%, because I am not God. I am confident about the landfall and beyond that is very murky at the moment.

This is a very rare movement that is forecast, and I cannot say that it is one which I have ever seen before. Could it happen? Yes, it could and if it does then do not be caught off-guard. What I am trying to get everyone to understand is that this hurricane is unlike anyone most have ever experienced and the threat to lives and property is very elevated. For residents in Southeast NC, if you do not evacuate then you have about a 25% chance of survival. This is NOT a storm to take lightly and it WILL hit near the NC/SC border sometime later tomorrow or Friday morning.

Wilmington is probably about the worst place to be during this storm. All weather models have Wilmington getting upwards of 20” of rainfall. When you combine that with storm surge and coastal erosion then you have a recipe for disaster. I read a story of about 200 people who were staying on Ocracoke Island in NC. This is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard and please do not be these idiots, who will more than likely drown to their deaths.

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