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I have issued the prepare mode for all residents of NC/SC/GA. Areas in GA may be spared the worst of the winds and flooding but along the coast from FL to NJ the rip current risk will be very elevated and NC/SC will probably have the brunt of storm surge and beach erosion in this storm. Many keep asking me what the latest is and I am sorry to say that it still looks the same as it did last update. I put out the map last Friday (Left) and now it is amazing to see the NHC forecast (Middle) show this very area under the gun for a possible landfall of a major hurricane. The graphic on the right is the latest tracks and notice it stops. This is indicative of a stalling system. If you have followed us long enough then you know we put out a forecast and change it very little. We have a major if not historic hurricane heading toward NC/SC/VA in the next 72 hours. This is not the time to keep checking the forecasts at the coast but rather it is time to prepare your property and evacuate soon. I have heard many meteorologists scolding others for saying this is going to be like Hugo from 9/22/1989. What are we supposed to compare this system too then? There is no harm in doing this comparison and in some respects, I think it may actually be worse. I am very concerned for a possible category 5 hurricane hitting somewhere on the SC/NC Coastline. I have lived through Hugo in Western NC and it was not a fun experience. The winds could be hurricane force all the way to the I-85 corridor and even a little north of that. However, the flooding rains will be just as bad with a possible stall inside of the NC area for 2-3 days. This is really about the worst case scenario and if it happens like it appears then we will see some historic rainfall totals and devastating flooding. I really hope that I am wrong but preparation before Florence comes in should be taken now and not later. I will be doing a very detailed member update tomorrow and give arrival times, effects and total rainfall amounts expected. 

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