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We had not planned on doing another update until around Thursday but this situation warrants immediate broadcast.  We warned about this possibility to members last Friday and now it seems that we could have some organized clusters of severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.  I am posting this map update for both members and non-members due to the immediate nature of this threat. The main threat will be from damaging high winds with any storm today but it must be noted that some isolated tornadoes are also possible.

The culprit is a very strong cold front meeting up with Gulf moisture and the right exit region of the jet stream.  Also, an upper level low will move across Georgia and the Carolina’s during the next 12-18 hours and will increase the instability with moist dew-points to the south and an influx of Gulf moisture.  Adding to the threat is a negatively tilted trough over the Eastern US.  The latest weather data shows Western NC, South-Central NC and Northern SC with the greatest threat of severe storms.  Please be very weather aware and keep your weather radios on.

If you are not a member of our website, we invite you to join today and get advance notice of adverse weather.  Members get immediate severe weather text alerts when a storm is near your area.  Many members get peace of mind knowing if a tornado or severe storm is near their area, they will get a text alert regarding this.  In addition, you get comprehensive weekly weather update emails containing much more information that is released on Facebook and much more.  Considering joining today and see how Southeast Wx Alerts is preparing you for the weather.

Also, we will be releasing our early predictions for the upcoming winter on October 27, 2017 for our subscribers.  If you are not a subscriber but want to know what the benefits are then check the link to our website below and select your area.  We offer our personalized and customizable daily weather forecasts to everyone in the United States.  You will receive a daily email with the weather for the next 3 days.





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