Posted by on January 6, 2017


Major Winter Storm arriving in the Southeast for Friday into Saturday. We have been preparing our members for this storm for 8 days now and issued our first snowfall map this past Monday. Many areas will see snowfall that will cripple cities and record low cold temperatures will follow the winter storm. 


  1. Winds gusting up to 35 mph
  2. Black ice from initial melting
  3. Whiteout conditions possible
  4. Snowfall rates > 1” hour
  5. Power outages possible
  6. Do not use kerosene heaters indoors
  7. Bring in any pets from outdoors
  8. Check in on the elderly and family
  9. Prepare for a couple days at home
  10. Low temps will be 9 to -5 in snow areas on Sunday and Monday mornings.
  11. Get the bread and milk!
  12. Wait…The bread and milk are gone! L
  13. Enjoy the snowfall with your family
  14. Do NOT go out unless emergency

Join today before 4pm and you will get an email with updated amounts and professional analysis from our team of meteorologists. I will be sending out these member emails with predicted snowfall amounts at 10am, 1pm and 4pm today. Don’t sit around and wait for the local weather and other sources to make a decision on how much snow we will get, rather subscribe today and find out before anyone else is even talking about the possibility. We pride our website on keeping the general public and businesses informed to make tough decisions that simply cannot wait until the last minute. Join today and find out how we are “Preparing You For The Weather”.



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