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I said that I would not update and had not planned on it but the situation unfolding warrants it. We are very concerned for Northern South Carolina and most of the North Carolina Foothills and Piedmont regions.

The latest weather data is showing an elevated tornado risk and these could form with little to no warning due to the rapid storm movement. Due to the urgent nature of these storms, we are including the member update for non-members today.

Any of the storms that form today have the capability of producing damaging winds, torrential rainfall and isolated tornadoes. With any storm, please take shelter and do not be outside due to the risk of being struck by lightning or injured from objects thrown by the wind.

The remnants of Harvey are fueling this threat but that is not all that is responsible for the increased tornado risk. We have a high pressure to the north that is acting to create a hybrid cold air damming signature in the Carolina’s. This feature along with being on the right exit region of the jet stream and the remnants of Harvey are playing havoc in the atmosphere.

Due to the quick hitting storms and the possibility of a quick tornado spin-up, please have a plan in place should you have to move quickly away from harm’s way. I am hoping and praying for this to be a non-event and then I can take the slack for being “wrong”. However, if this post saves even one life then I will have communicated what needed to be communicated.



Above, you will see our custom map and what we expect today in term of severe weather. Please be aware that just because you are not in the moderate or higher categories, it does not mean that an isolated tornado cannot occur. Let me be clear, that anywhere in the viewing area, we could see an isolated tornado. What the higher risk mean is for more coverage of severe storms. Anywhere could see an isolated tornado, so please take this seriously and warn family and friends.


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