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This winter has started out rather quickly and I feel that will be the theme of this upcoming 2019-2020 winter for 85% of the viewing area in NC, SC and GA.  Please understand that this does not mean we will not have some warm days and even above normal days at times.  It does mean that this will probably be the coldest winter relative to average since 2014 and 2002-2003 seasons.

I expect to see many areas with above normal snowfall.  The NC Mtns will probably have a stellar ski season and I am sure they will appreciate that with the warm winter last year.  Many northwest flow snows will occur in the NC/TN Mtns and even 1-2 blockbuster type winter storms are likely.  Many small to medium scale events are likely as well in this pattern.

For the areas outside of the mountains, I am expecting 1-2 major winter storms and 2-3 small to moderate events.  This bodes well with the active southern jet stream and the lower position of the polar jet to the north.  We have already observed several low pressure areas coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and a full blown nor’easter this weekend (11/16/2019) is lending further confidence in a very active winter storm track.  With all that said, you will find the winter outlook below that details what the temperature and snowfall outlooks are expected to be.







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