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What a difference a day makes, right?  The weather models are finally coming around to the ideas that I thought they would.  I feel we are in for a busy 2-3 week span of active winter weather possibilities, even into the Deep South as alluded to in my earlier updates.  When I say Deep South, I am referring to areas that typically do not see much snowfall during the winter.  This is areas like Central/Eastern NC, Central/Eastern SC, and Central/Southern GA.  This looks like your pattern and could bring winter precipitation your way over the next several weeks.  This does not exclude Western NC, Piedmont of NC, Western SC or Northern GA, but typically you will see winter precipitation and the other areas miss out unless an unusual pattern is established.

I think with the Polar Vortex split that perhaps the coldest air on the planet may be concentrated near Chicago, IL and polar air will also filter into our viewing area during this time.  We could have some records challenged in this upcoming cold snap and some snow, sleet and even ice to deal with on top of it all.  We will be sending out a member email update later this evening and will issue our patented First Call Snow/Ice Accumulation maps in that update.  We do not publish these maps on Facebook, but if you join our site today (Click on the envelope below), we will forward this email to you as well.  Get ready for a wild ride of storms and rumors of storms for the foreseeable future.

Our team first mentioned these active winter weather possibilities on January 2, 2019 and issued our first probability map this past Monday, January 21, 2019.  Join up today and get snow and ice accumulation maps with  (Not shown on Facebook) and many other benefits.  Click the link below to sign up for email updates today!





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