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Who Is Southeast Weather?

Southeast Weather is a private weather consulting firm that specializes in advance warning of high impact weather events year round.  We service the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  You can read more about our founder at the About Us page on the website.

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Detailed daily email showing the next three days’ weather predictions.
  • Text and email alerts when severe weather threatens.
  • Weekly email newsletter with our forecaster’s personal opinions for areas in NC, SC and GA.
  • Daily maps detailing allergies, respiratory, road conditions, aviation and golf turf conditions.
  • Custom rain, snow, ice, severe and hurricane maps sent in weekly email newsletter for areas in NC, SC and GA.

Why Use Our Service Versus Weather Apps?

This is a good question and the reason is free apps use public weather models, are less accurate and are not personalized for major events. We have access to all the weather models and can show you local higher impact charts and maps for major events. Also, we will warn you about the potential impacts to life and property days before and apps do not provide that type of specific information. Think of us as your own personal meteorologist but for a fraction of the cost.

Who Are Our Clients?

We help a wide range of clients, including but not limited to: retail, grocery, government, hotels, farmers, landscapers, schools, traders, transportation, emergency management and many more.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

Steve Holley (Business Subscriber)
Thank you for the time and effort you invest in your forecasts.  I appreciate that you are very serious about getting it right, but also agree with you that the only One who truly knows the path of the storm is the One who created them.  I am a Service Technician and IT Technician for 7 McDonalds Restaurants in the Winston Salem area.  Because of your forecast, I was able to prepare the Franchise Owner and Managers a week ahead of time so that they could make necessary preparations.

Sandy Cole (Business Subscriber)
Thank you, Daniel! Because of your email a week or so ago, I was able to make sure my elderly mother is prepared. She Lives an hour from me so that is very important. Not to mention our business and animals. Just wanted to take the time to let you know your hard work is appreciated.

Jay Tomes (Business Subscriber)
You’re doing a great job! I read your detailed alerts with appreciation! You were spot on for Winston Salem and that was extremely helpful. God bless!

Jason Hawkins (Business Subscriber)
Thanks for the updates, I appreciate them and value my membership. 

Pat Throckmorton (Residential Subscriber)
As always, I enjoy and appreciate your timely and accurate forecasts.

Joy Ward (Residential Subscriber)
I really depend on you guys to let me know when bad weather is coming! You’re very accurate and timely. Thank you for being there!

Beverly Williamson (Residential Subscriber)
You did an amazing job again!! Thank you for all your hard work and not fearing having a differing opinion than your peers.  That takes courage and faith in yourself!!

Amy Rhyne (Residential Subscriber)
I love these updates – thank you!  Hope you have a blessed weekend as well.

What Are The Rates For Clients?

Yearly Plan = 12 month subscription for $59.88
Half Yearly Plan = 6 month subscription for $34.99
Monthly Plan = 1 month subscription for $5.99


Where Can I See Update Examples?

We have included links below to see what our update emails look like.

Click For Sample Daily Forecast Email
Click For Sample Weather Email
Click For Sample NWS Severe Alert
Click For Sample Custom Weather Maps

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