December 7, 2017

We are now in the midst of a major winter storm and still not hardly any winter storm warnings being issued.  Already, I have reports of accumulations of snow from Asheville and Boone.  This will be much worse than what you are hearing on local media.  I have upped totals in some areas more and lowered them in others.  This is because the low pressure is verifying a little further NW that weather models have been showing (Surprise!) and is bringing in a warm layer around 5,000 feet in the air.  This is a nightmare for areas of eastern NC and brings back way too many bad memories about the storm earlier this year in January.  I hope that this is wrong for South Raleigh but that warm layer just seems to really rear its ugly head.  This will cause mostly rain with periods of a mix of rain/sleet/snow.  On the backside of the low Saturday morning it could change to all snow even for Raleigh and that could drop some quick accumulations for eastern NC.  So, do not let your guard down on this one eastern NC.  Below, I have posted the most recent updated Final Call Snow Map.  Keep in mind that the “locally” amounts are for some and NOT all locations in each snow accumulation band.  IF this storm wraps up even more then these amounts could be too low.  Caution and common sense is the key here.


Some of the heaviest snow actually appears to be across Western NC and the extreme Northern Foothills.  Why?  What changed?  With the storm tracking more NW this in turn has created heavier amounts in these areas.  Since, they are already colder at the low and mid-levels the precipitation should be all snow and thus create higher accumulations.  Let me caution you that I am sure there will be some surprises in this storm.  It has been as difficult to predict as the January storm was.  Someone will ultimately end up getting ripped off and then another getting more than my map shows.  Stay calm because it happens and only God knows 100% what it will do.  I try to provide the most accurate forecast based on both climatology, past storms and sometimes good common sense.  When your areas does not get X amount of snow, please do remember that I called this storm to happen just after Thanksgiving.  That is pretty good notice if you ask me but I give all credit to God as he has bestowed this gift to me and to him all credit is given.

Please watch out for downed trees and powerlines in this setup.  This will be a heavy wet snow (Snowman and Snowball Grade) and will accumulate on trees very quickly.  It may even be a little breezy but not bad, because had the wind been stronger this situation would have been much worse.


  1. Power outages for many areas
  2. Snowfall Rates ½” hour or more
  3. Bring in pets from outside
  4. Check on elderly and family
  5. Use extreme caution on bridges/overpasses
  6. Get your bread and milk 🙂
  7. Wait…The bread and milk are gone 🙂
  8. Do not travel unless an emergency

This will be the last update until middle of next week, when I will do a post storm analysis.  Have a great weekend, enjoy the snow and God Bless!

Your Personal Meteorologist,
Daniel Huffman